Enstart is (yet another) small PHP frameworks with the essentials for getting started quickly

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1.0.0 2018-05-03 07:56 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-10-18 05:32:20 UTC


It's not a micro- or a full fledged enterprise framework. It's somewhere in between.


  • PHP >= 7.0


composer create-project enstart/enstart

Set up

  1. Set the document root on your web server to the public-folder.
  2. Make the folder storage, and it's sub folders, writeable.
  3. Copy config.global.php as config.local.php


Set up the config.global.php with the default configuration. Set up the config.local.php (which is in .gitignore), with the environment specific changes. It should only contain the changes.


While you're in development, you can set debug => true in your local config file. This will display errors on the screen. You can always check the log file in storage/logs/.

More info is coming...