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Endroid Flusher Bundle

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By endroid

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This bundle integrates the endroid/flusher library in Symfony. It provides the following features.

  • Optional replacement your default entity manager with the FlusherEntityManager
  • Configuration of the step size used when determining the optimal batch size
  • Injection of the Flusher or the FlusherEntityManager anywhere in your application


Use Composer to install the library. Symfony Flex will set up the configuration and routing for you.

$ composer require endroid/flusher-bundle


You can configure the bundle to override the default entity manager with the FlusherEntityManager, disable the flusher inside the entity manager or use your own step size increment during dynamic batch size detection.

    override_default_entity_manager: false
    disable_entity_manager_flusher: false
    step_size: 1.5


Version numbers follow the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH scheme. Backwards compatibility breaking changes will be kept to a minimum but be aware that these can occur. Lock your dependencies for production and test your code when upgrading.


This source code is subject to the MIT license bundled in the file LICENSE.