Flysystem plugin for generating a hash value of a given file

v1.0.4 2021-04-03 09:03 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-30 14:24:29 UTC


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NOTE: Plugins were removed in Flysystem 2.0 and thus this library is only available for Flysystem 1.x.

A plugin for the Flysystem file system abstraction library to generate hash values of a file. See hash_algos() function for supported hash algorithms.

Tested with Local and WebDav adapters, but as the hash is built directly from the stream resource it should work for all other adapters as well.


composer require emgag/flysystem-hash


use Emgag\Flysystem\Hash\HashPlugin;
use League\Flysystem\Adapter\Local;
use League\Flysystem\Filesystem; 

$fs = new Filesystem(new Local(__DIR__));
$fs->addPlugin(new HashPlugin);

// sha256 is default
$sha256 = $fs->hash('file.txt');
$sha256 = $fs->hash('file.txt', 'sha256');
$md5    = $fs->hash('file.txt', 'md5');
$sha1   = $fs->hash('file.txt', 'sha1');


flysystem-hash is licensed under the MIT License.