First attempt to make something similar to DoctrineFixtures with Prooph

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During my experiments with ES I find myself in a situation where Doctrine data fixtures missed me.

Thats why I decided to try to reproduce something similar for Prooph.


Oh, sweet Composer!

composer require --dev elythyr/prooph-fixtures

Versions management

Since its a practice project, I don't really care about BC breaks. I will only try to not break minor versions, meaning that:

  • Updating from 1.0.0 to 1.0.9 should not break anything
  • Updating from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0 might break a lot of stuff


There is no configuration per se. All the configuration should already be done, see Prooph EventStore for more information.


An example of how to configure the pieces together:

// /test.php

// Configure your system:
// Replace it by your own container or create everything manually :'(
$container = new class() implements ContainerInterface {
    public function has($id) { return false; }
    public function get($id) { return null; }

// Retrieve your event store
$eventStore = $container->get('event_store');

// Create a provider for your fixtures
$fixturesProvider = new InMemoryFixturesProvider([
    // ...

// Retrieve the cleaning projection strategy
// No implementations are provided since it depends on your EventStore implementation
$cleaningProjectionStrategy = $container->get('cleaning_projection_strategy');

// Retrieve the names of all your projections
$projectionsNames = $container->get('projections_names');

// Create the cleaner you want to use, here we will clean both event streams and projections
$cleaner = new ChainCleaner([
    new EventStreamsCleaner($eventStore),
    new ProjectionsCleaner(

// Create the fixtures manager, just a front to regroup everything in one place
$fixturesManager = new FixturesManager($fixturesProvider, $cleaner);

// Lets do some cleaning !

// Loading is so easy, you can do it yourself :)
// Under the hood the manager do all the heavy lifting by ordering the fixtures
foreach ($fixturesManager->getFixtures() as $fixture) {


  • Adds CI with Travis
  • Adds tests coverage
  • Make a first release
  • Publish to packagist
  • (When needed) Adds the possibility to not clean the DB
  • (When needed) Adds the possibility to filter the fixtures to load