OroCRM Amazon Integration Bundle

2.2.0 2017-07-31 13:13 UTC


OroCRM Amazon Integration

This bundle adds additional channel to OroCRM, allows to import orders from Amazon, view orders with all order info such as ordered items, addresses and other customer data provided by Amazon via API and retrieved by the bundle.

Eltrino team is working on improvements for this bundle, as well as on support for eBay and other popular platforms and marketplaces.


  • supports OroCRM version 1.3 or above;
  • Guzzle version 3.7.


Please refer to the instruction described in How to Manage OroPlatform Extensions article.

Package/Extension name to use is eltrino/orocrm-amazon-bundle


We welcome all kinds of contributions in the form of bug reporting, patches submitting, feature requests or documentation enhancement. Please refer to our guidelines for contributing if you wish to be a part of the project.