WebDriver mobile emulation switcher for Codeception

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This Codeception module can be able mobile emulation on browser. Currently support only chrome browser.


You can install this plugin into your applicaion using composer.

The recommended way to install composer packages is:

composer require --dev elstc/codeception-mobileemulation

Then enable this module in your test suite configration file (eg: acceptance.suite.yml and etc...):

        - MobileEmulation
        - WebDriver

See: 06-ModulesAndHelpers - Codeception - Documentation

[IMPORTANT] MobileEmulation module should be load before WebDriver module.


In your Cest test case, write $mobileEmulation property:

class AwesomeCest
    public $mobileEmulation = true;

    // ...

When $mobileEmulation = true, within this testcase, mobile emulation is enabled.

And you can use emulationMobile() method:

class AwesomeCest
    public function tryYourSenario($I)
        // enable mobile emulation manually, (with specific device name)
        $I->emulationMobile('iPhone 8 Plus');
        // ...

Configuration options


Default emulate device name.

default: 'iPhone 6'