A cron job runner for CakePHP

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This plugin is simple wrapper lavary/crunz.


You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer.

The recommended way to install composer packages is:

composer require elstc/cakephp-cron-jobs

Load plugin

(CakePHP >= 3.6.0) Load the plugin by adding the following statement in your project's src/Application.php:


(CakePHP <= 3.5.x) Load the plugin by adding the following statement in your project's config/bootstrap.php file:


Generate config file

Run bin/cake CronJobs publish:config command. The command generate crunz.yml in the project ROOT directory.

You can configure with crunz.yml, see also https://github.com/lavary/crunz#configuration

I recommend changing source: to:

source: vendor/elstc/cakephp-cron-jobs/tasks

This makes it unnecessary to specify a directory when using schedule:run and schedule:list command.

Register to cron

add your cron schedule, use crontab -e

* * * * * cd {YOUR-APP-DIR}; bin/cake CronJobs schedule:run vendor/elstc/cakephp-cron-jobs/tasks/


You can register a schedule job from the CakePHP event system.

Register to job schduler in bootstrap_cli.php, using cakephp event system:

use Cake\Event\Event;
use Cake\Event\EventManager;

EventManager::instance()->on('CronJobs.buildSchedule', static function (Event $event) {
    $schedule = $event->getSubject();
    /* @var $schedule \Elastic\CronJobs\Schedule\CakeSchedule */
    // Add scheduled shell command
    $schedule->run('touch tmp/crunz-time-from-event')
        ->description('your job description')

    // Add scheduled cake's shell command
    // such as `bin/cake your_command comannd_arg1 --command-option --some-opt=value`
    $schedule->runCommand('your_command', [
            '--some-opt' => 'value',
        ->description('your job description')
        ->cron('0 3 * * *');

\Elastic\CronJobs\Schedule\CakeSchedule is \Crunz\Schedule wrapper class. See also: lavary/crunz README

Show scheduled jobs

bin/cake CronJobs schedule:list vendor/elstc/cakephp-cron-jobs/tasks/