Database of active New Zealand banks, maintained with a user task

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1.0.0-rc2 2019-10-25 07:46 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-09 07:04:46 UTC


SilverStripe module for managing a dataset of active New Zealand banks. This also maintains a DataObject of what represents a New Zealand bank account number, including validation of these numbers. It also contains utility functions for converting between dollars and cents.


  1. add the repository to your composer.json. This is a private repo, so composer will not find it on packagist
  2. composer require elliotsawyer/nzbanks
  3. Run vendor/bin/sake dev/build flush=
  4. Populate the database with bank branches: vendor/bin/sake dev/tasks/download-bank-register-information flush=. Do this on the CLI because it will likely exceed PHP's default execution time.


Only the download URL can be changed. This is incredibly unlikely, but possible because PaymentsNZ has updated the URL more than once without notice.

  bank_register_source: https://payments.nz/path/to/register


    //convert NZ Dollars to cents
    NZBankAccount::dollars_to_cents(1.234); //1234

    //convert NZ cents into dollars
    NZBankAccount::cents_to_dollars(1234) //12.34

    //identity the bank that issued an account. This is based on the first 6 digits and returns a Bank dataobject
    Bank::identify('12-3141-0000456-001') // ASB Bank, Willis Street (Bank dataobject)

    //display the account in a "normalised" format described by the IRD
    NZBankAccount::prettify('1-2-3-4') //0001-0002-00000003-0004

    //display the account in a "normalised" format with a different delimiter
    NZBankAccount::prettify('1-2-3-4', ' ') //0001 0002 00000003 0004
    NZBankAccount::prettify('1-2-3-4', '.') //0001.0002.00000003.0004

Bank accounts are validated according to an IRD checksum format. More information on this validation can be found here: https://www.ird.govt.nz/-/media/Project/IR/PDF/2020RWTNRWTSpecificationDocumentv10.pdf (see page 15, "Bank account number validation")


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