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Manage your file system easily, through php

FireFS is a library allowing you to write/read/delete files and folders of your file system, safely and easily.

It can be used for web applications as well for console applications, without any requirements.



use ElementaryFramework\FireFS\FireFS;

// Create a new file system instance at the given path
$fs = new FireFS("./app"); // /root/var/www/htdocs/app/

// Check if the path "/root/var/www/htdocs/app/images/" exists
if ($fs->exists("images")) {
    // Change the working directory to the images folder

    // Create a new file in the working directory
    $fs->mkfile("./logo.png"); // /root/var/www/htdocs/app/images/logo.png

    // Read file from the file system root path
    $logo = $fs->read("logo.png"); // /root/var/www/htdocs/app/logo.png

    // Write into the created file
    $fs->write("./logo.png", $logo); // /root/var/www/htdocs/app/images/logo.png

    // Delete the old file
    $fs->delete("logo.png"); // /root/var/www/htdocs/app/logo.png

// Change the working directory to the file system root path

// Create a "blog" directory
$fs->mkdir("blog"); // /root/var/www/htdocs/app/blog/

// Move "images" folder from "app" to "app/blog"
$fs->move("images", "blog/images");

// And more !


  • Easy file system management ;
  • Object Oriented file system entities management, through Folder and File classes ;
  • Receive events of what happen to your file system (created, modified, deleted events) and execute a specific action with the file system listener ;
  • Run a file system watcher to watch for files changes in real time (recommended for console applications or long running PHP processes)


You can install FireFS in your project with composer:

composer require elementaryframework/fire-fs

Once installed, you can access the FireFS api through the ElementaryFramework\FireFS namespace.

How to use

New to FireFS ? From console to web apps, you can read the wiki to know how to use this library into your project.

Additional resources and tutorials


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