This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Laravel validation rules for swiss cantons.

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This package provides multiple validation rules to validate swiss cantons. It's based on wnx/php-swiss-cantons.


At first you have to add this package to your composer.json:

composer require elbgoods/laravel-swiss-canton-rule

After this you can publish the package translation files to adjust the error messages:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Elbgoods\SwissCantonRule\SwissCantonRuleServiceProvider" --tag=lang



This package provides a basic SwissCantonRule which you can use. All more specific rules only extend this rule with a predefined format.

use Elbgoods\SwissCantonRule\Rules\SwissCantonRule;

$rule = new SwissCantonRule(SwissCantonRule::FORMAT_ABBREVIATION);

By default the rule requires a value - if you want to accept null values you can use the nullable() method or set the $required parameter to false.

use Elbgoods\SwissCantonRule\Rules\SwissCantonRule;

$rule = new SwissCantonRule(SwissCantonRule::FORMAT_ABBREVIATION, null, false);


use Elbgoods\SwissCantonRule\Rules\SwissCantonAbbreviationRule;

$rule = new SwissCantonAbbreviationRule();


use Elbgoods\SwissCantonRule\Rules\SwissCantonZipCodeRule;

$rule = new SwissCantonZipCodeRule();


The name rule has a special property - the locale. By default it's null so it allows all known canton names in all languages. But you can set a wanted locale, in this case it will validate using the given locale.

use Elbgoods\SwissCantonRule\Rules\SwissCantonNameRule;

$rule = new SwissCantonNameRule(); // all languages
$rule = new SwissCantonNameRule('de'); // german only

Because the package is based on wnx/php-swiss-cantons we only support the languages available in this package.


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