Base amphp based stream interfaces for client and server websocket implementations

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Base stream interfaces for client and server websocket implementations


This package can be installed as a Composer dependency.

composer require ekstazi/websocket-common


PHP 7.2+


Three interfaces provided

interface Reader extends InputStream


read(): Promise<string>

Reads data from the stream. Return Promise that resolves with a string when new data is available or null if the stream has closed.

interface Writer extends OutputStream


const MODE_BINARY = "binary"

Send data as binary frames. This mode used by default.

const MODE_TEXT = 'text'

Send data as utf-8 text frames.


public function setDefaultMode(string $mode): void

Set default mode to write frames.

public function getDefaultMode(): string

Get current default write mode.

public function write(string $data, string $mode = null): Promise<int>

Write data with specified write mode. By default value Writer::getMode() used. Return promise that resolves with number of bytes written

public function end(string $finalData = "", string $mode = null): Promise

Marks the stream as no longer writable. Optionally writes a final data chunk before. Note that this is not the same as forcefully closing the stream. This method waits for all pending writes to complete before closing the stream. Socket streams implementing this interface should only close the writable side of the stream.

interface Connection extends Reader, Writer