SDK for communicating with FINN transfer API

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SDK for transferring ads to finn.no

You need an agreement to use this API, and the complete documentation can be found here.

This library implements the REST API part described in that documentation.


composer require eiriksm/finn-transfer-sdk



use eiriksm\FinnTransfer\AdTypes\TractorXml;
use eiriksm\FinnTransfer\FinnTransfer;
use GuzzleHttp\Client;

$partner_id = 'mypartnerid';
$provider = 'myprovider';
// Start by constructing an ad type. For example a tractor ad.
$ad = new TractorXml($partner_id, $provider);
// Then set some properties. We probably want to set an ad title, and a price,
// for example.
$ad->setHeading('Used tractor for sale');
// For this example, we will also set postcode, since that is required.
// And maybe something a bit more specific. It has a 200 horse power engine.
// We can also set arbitrary properties that are defined in the DTD for this ad
// type. For tractor that would be http://www.iad.no/dtd/IADIF-tractor-21.dtd
// where we can see there is something called TRACTOR_EQUIPMENT for example. We
// can find a list of valid values at https://www.finn.no/finn/referencevalue?adType=TRACTOR&xmlCode=TRACTOR_EQUIPMENT
// Now, there is probably a whole lot more you want to set on the ad, but those
// were some examples. In the end, use this method to get the xml. This will
// also validate the XML according to the spec.
$xml = $ad->getXml();

// Next step would be to send this XML to finn.no.
$transfer = new FinnTransfer();
// By default we are working against the dev environment of finn.no, but use
// this method to do it live(tm).
// Then get a HTTP client somehow.
$http_client = new Client();
// Now transfer the ad.
$result_xml = $transfer->transfer($http_client);