A RESTful api authentication driver for Laravel 4.*

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A RESTful APi authenication driver for Laravel 4.2

Installation Guide:

Following lines in your laravel composer.json file require array:
"ehtasham89/laravel-apiauth-driver": "dev-master"
Palce following service provider links in app/config/app.php providers array:


Comment the following Service provider in app/config/app.php providers array:
Change the driver name in app/config/auth.php with 'driver' => 'lvapiauth',

Api Configuration

Run following command via composer:
php artisan config:publish ehtasham89/laravel-apiauth-driver
It will create copy of config.php file in app/config/packages/ehtasham89/laravel-apiauth-driver/
Add your api's endpoints in app/config/packages/ehtasham89/laravel-apiauth-driver/config.php