Symfony 2 console command to debug services tags

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Tag debug Command for Symfony2 console

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This bundle provides a simple command container:tag-debug to allow to easily debug tagged services by providing useful information about those defined in the app. It will fetch information about all the tagged services.

You can apply filters and define your own filters


As for any command you should use: app/console from your project root. The command is:

$ php app/console container:tag-debug

Available options

  • --show-private: if issued will show also private services.
  • --filter: can be many of this. The form is --filter name=param1,param2 for each filter, where param are the parameters for the given filter.

Available filters

  • Name (name): Filter by tag name, exact match. Requires one parameter, e.g : --filter name=tag_name
  • Attribute Name (attribute_name): Filter by tag attribute name, exact match. Requires one parameter, e.g : --filter attribute_name=attr_name
  • Attribute Value (attribute_value): Filter by tag attribute value, exact match. Requires two parameters, e.g: --filter attribute_value=attr_name,attr_value
  • NameRegEx (name_regex): Filter by tag name, giving a regular expression. No need to provide a separator (~ is used internally). Requires one parameter, e.g : --filter name_regex=regex

For more information see TagDebug lib

Sample usage and output

Sample Filter

$ php app/console sf container:tag-debug --filter name=kernel.event_listener

See a sample output for this command

Two filters, one with multiple values

$ php app/console container:tag-debug
    --filter name=kernel.event_listener
    --filter attribute_value=event,kernel.controller

See a sample output for this command

Installation and configuration

Get the bundle

Add to your composer.json

Symfony >= 2.3

    "require": {
        "egulias/tag-debug-command-bundle": "~1.0"

Use composer to download the new requirement:

$ php composer.phar update egulias/tag-debug-command-bundle

Add TagDebugCommandBundle to your application kernel


  // app/AppKernel.php
  public function registerBundles()
    return array(
      // ...
      new Egulias\TagDebugCommandBundle\EguliasTagDebugCommandBundle(),
      // ...

Configure your own filters

To create your custom filter follow this steps:

  1. Implement Egulias\TagDebug\Tag\Filter interface in your filter class. The filter will receive by constructor as many arguments as you define, from the console. See the examples above. Remember to add a constructor if you want to receive parameters.
  2. On your config file add:
        - {class: Fully\Qualified\Filter\Class\Name, name:"filter_console_name"}
  1. Enjoy!