Symfony 2 console commands to debug security

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Last update: 2024-06-16 02:01:16 UTC


Security debug console command for Symfony2

This bundle provides commands under the security namespace (security:debug:*) to help debugging your application security in a simple way, by inspecting Voters, Listeners and (yet to come) ACL.


This bundle fakes credentials and tokens to be able to inspect permissions. This implies a possible security hole in your application, please be aware of this. I'm not responsible for any issue derived for a misuse or an insecure use of it


The DataCollector feature re issues the request and some events to be able to inspect the results. If any of your custom voters, listeners, firewal listeners has side effects they will be issued twice


As for any command you should use: app/console from your project root. Current available commands are:

  • app/console security:debug:firewalls to view listeners for a firewall.
  • app/console security:debug:voters to display voters, voters vote and result.
  • app/console security:debug:acl_voters to display voters, voters vote and result when ACL is present.
  • app/console security:debug:acl_object to display ACL results for each mask provided.

Available Commands

  • app/console security:debug:firewalls uri firewall username roles

  • uri The exact URI you have in the firewall

  • firewall Firewall name

  • username User to test

  • roles Multiple space separated roles for the user

  • app/console security:debug:voters (this can be faked too, but for the moment a real user is needed)

  • firewall Secured area of the app

  • username Username to authenticate

  • password Username Password

  • app/console security:debug:acl_voters username object-fqcn id permission-name

  • username For which user you need the information

  • object-fqcn The object class for which you are asking (using / instead of \)

  • id Object ID in the DB

  • permission-name The permission map name, e.g. OWNER

  • app/console security:debug:acl_object username object-fqcn mask-binary

  • username For which user you need the information

  • object-fqcn The object class for which you are asking (using / instead of \)

  • id Object ID in the DB

  • mask-binary The binary of the mask, e.g. 128 (OWNER)

Sample output

  • app/console security:debug:firewalls here
  • app/console security:debug:voters here
  • app/console security:debug:acl_voters here
  • app/console security:debug:acl_object here

Installation and configuration

Get the bundle

Add to your composer.json

    "require": {
        "egulias/security-debug-command-bundle": "0.5.0"

Use composer to download the new requirement

$ php composer.phar update egulias/security-debug-command-bundle

Add SecurityDebugCommandBundle to your application kernel


  // app/AppKernel.php
  public function registerBundles()
    // ...
    if (in_array($this->getEnvironment(), array('dev', 'test'))) { 
      $bundle[] = Egulias\SecurityDebugCommandBundle\EguliasSecurityDebugCommandBundle();
    // ...

Configure the user class

In your app/config/config.yml you should add the FQCN that you use:

    user_class: Acme\DemoBundle\Entity\User