Larasset is a library for Laravel 5 which manage assets in an easy way.

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The Asset Pipeline for Laravel 5.1, 5.2 & 5.3 !

The asset pipeline provides a framework to concatenate and minify or compress JavaScript and CSS assets. It also adds the ability to write these assets in other languages and pre-processors such as CoffeeScript, LESS, Sass and EJS.

For Laravel 4.1 or 4.2 supports see Larasset 0.9 branch

For Laravel 5.0 supports see Larasset 1.0 branch

For a more complete description of this package, you can read the Wiki docs:

Examples of Larasset usage.

  • php artisan larasset:precompile: Precompile assets of your application, useful for your production environment
  • php artisan larasset:serve: Launch Larasset's server for serving assets, useful for your development environment
  • php artisan server: Serve your Laravel application on the PHP development server and also the Larasset's server for serving assets

Demo application

You can see this package in action with this online demo. And you can grab the source code of this demo here.


You must install Node.js on your computer (development environment only).

This package is only compatible with PHP >= 5.5 and Laravel >= 5.1 framework.


Install and config Larasset package

  1. In the composer.json, replace the line "minimum-stability": "stable" by:

        "minimum-stability": "dev"
  2. Install Larasset package with composer:

    composer require efficiently/larasset:1.2.*
  3. Turn on your application debug mode, create or edit the config/app.php file:

    return [
        'debug' => true,
        // Others config options....

    Note: It is strongly recommended that you turn off error detail in your production environment.

  4. Add these services providers to config/app.php:

  5. Add these alias (facades) to your Laravel config/app.php file:

           'Form' => 'Collective\Html\FormFacade',
           'HTML' => 'Collective\Html\HtmlFacade',
           'Asset' => 'Efficiently\Larasset\Facades\Asset',
  6. You can now add the this security Middleware to your app/Http/Kernel.php file:

  7. You will need install some Node.js modules in order to run these Larasset commands:

    npm install -g larasset-js
  8. Finally run php artisan larasset:setup.

    The rest of the installation depends on whether the asset pipeline is being used.

Assets middleware server


php artisan larasset:serve

NOTICE: You should use it only in a development/local environment

Precompiling assets (Manifest usage)


php artisan larasset:precompile

NOTICE: You are encouraged to use it in a production environment, for more informations, read the next section.

Development VS Production mode

By default Larasset is running in development mode. That means that it will recompile (server) any changed asset on demand. Also it's not compressing JavaScript and/or Stylesheets in development mode. To run Larraset's server and precompiler in production-ready mode, use --assets-env production command line option, like so:

php artisan larasset:precompile --assets-env production



  • Laravel 5.3 support!


  • Laravel 5.2 support!


  • Laravel 5.1 support!
  • CoffeeScript compile now the JavaScript without the top-level function safety wrapper (non-bare mode) via larasset-js 1.2.0
  • ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) support with Babel via larasset-js 1.1.1
  • Add the humanize() function helper to fix the image_tag() helper (fix #15).
  • Add a larasset.port config option. For handling correctly the --larasset-port option of the php artisan server command. Useful for your development environment when you run the assets server. The default port value is 3000. You can change it in the config/larasset.php file of your Laravel application.
  • Replace the deprecated illuminate/html package by the laravelcollective/html package.
  • Upgrade Notes (if you used previously this package with Laravel 4.x or 5.0):
    • You should replace in the config/app.php file of your Laravel application:
      1. 'Illuminate\Html\HtmlServiceProvider', by 'Collective\Html\HtmlServiceProvider',
      2. 'Form' => 'Illuminate\Html\FormFacade', by 'Form' => 'Collective\Html\FormFacade',
      3. 'HTML' => 'Illuminate\Html\HtmlFacade', by 'HTML' => 'Collective\Html\HtmlFacade',


  • Fix PHP 5.4 support.


  • Backporting the humanize() function helper to fix the image_tag() helper (fix #15).


  • Laravel 5.0 support!


  • Backporting the humanize() function helper to fix the image_tag() helper (fix #15).


  • Add an option to disable Source Mapping.


  • Breaking changes: The --environment command line option is renamed to --assets-env. Because there was some conflicts with the Laravel command line option --env. And larasset-environment command line option is renamed to --larasset-env. See issue #6 for more information.



Released under the MIT License.

This is beta-quality software

It works well according to our tests. The internal API may change and other features will be added. We are working to make Larasset production quality software.