Package for Laravel for helping to manage flash / instant notifications / messages.

5.2.0 2017-03-27 19:30 UTC


Package is looking for maintainers Please contact me if interested.

Notification package for Laravel4 / Laravel5

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A simple notification management package for Laravel4.

  • Notification containers
  • Notification collections
  • Notification messages
  • Formats for notifications
  • Flash / instant notifications
  • Method chaining
  • Message positioning


Just place require new package for your laravel installation via composer.json

"edvinaskrucas/notification": "5.*"

Then hit composer update

Version matrix

Registering to use it with laravel

Add following lines to app/config/app.php

ServiceProvider array


Kernel middleware array (must be placed after 'Illuminate\Session\Middleware\StartSession' middleware)


Now you are able to use it with Laravel4.

Publishing config file

If you want to edit default config file, just publish it to your app folder.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="\Krucas\Notification\NotificationServiceProvider" --tag="config"


Default usage

Adding message to default container.

\Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::success('Success message');
\Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::error('Error message');
\Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::info('Info message');
\Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::warning('Warning message');


Containers allows you to set up different containers for different placeholders.

You can pass closure to modify containers, simply use this syntax showed below

\Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::container('myContainer', function($container)
    $container->info('Test info message');

Also you can access container like this

\Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::container('myContainer')->info('Info message');

Method chaining

\Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::container('myContainer')->info('Info message')->error('Error message');

If you want to use default container just use null as container name. Name will be taken from config file.

\Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::container()->info('Info message');

Instant notifications (shown in same request)

Library supports not only flash messages, if you want to show notifications in same request just use

\Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::successInstant('Instant success message');

Custom single message format

Want a custom format for single message? No problem

\Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::success('Success message', 'Custom format :message');

Also you can still pass second param (format), to format messages, but you can format individual messages as shown above.

Add message as object

You can add messages as objects

    \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::message('Sample text')

When adding message as object you can add additional params to message

    \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::message('Sample text')->format(':message')

Add message as closure

You can add messages by using a closure

\Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::success(function (Message $message) {
    $message->setMessage('Sample text')->setPosition(1);

Accessing first notification from container

You can access and show just first notification in container

{!! \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::container('myContainer')->get('success')->first() !!}

Accessing first notification from all types

{!! \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::container('myContainer')->all()->first() !!}

Displaying notifications

To display all notifications in a default container you need to add just one line to your view file

{!! \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::showAll() !!}

When using showAll() you may want to group your messages by type, it can be done like this

{!! \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::group('info', 'success', 'error', 'warning')->showAll() !!}

This will group all your messages in group and output it, also you can use just one, two or three groups.

Manipulating group output on the fly


Display notifications by type in default container, you can pass custom format

{!! \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::showError() !!}
{!! \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::showInfo() !!}
{!! \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::showWarning() !!}
{!! \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::showSuccess(':message') !!}

Displaying notifications in a specific container with custom format.

{!! \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::container('myContainer')->showInfo(':message') !!}

Or you can just use blade extension

@notification() // will render default container

@notification('custom') // will render 'custom' container

Message positioning

There is ability to add message to certain position.

// This will add message at 5th position

Clearing messages

You can clear all messages or by type.


Add message and display it instantly in a view file

Want to add message in a view file and display it? Its very simple:

{!! \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::container('myInstant')
        ->infoInstant('Instant message added in a view and displayed!') !!}

You can also add multiple messages

{!! \Krucas\Notification\Facades\Notification::container('myInstant')
        ->infoInstant('Instant message added in a view and displayed!')
        ->errorInstant('Error...') !!}