Type safe wrappers around internal functions that return mixed types

0.2 2019-06-13 15:53 UTC


To assist with boilerplate around working with internal functions but ensuing that your code keeps tools like phpstan and phpqa happy

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This is a more comprehensive library of functions that is auto generated.

I prefer to only include functions that I actually use in this library, the vast majority of functions above will never be used and so I'm reluctant to bring them all in.

Functions Replaced:

File Functions


returns false|string by default

replaced with \ts\file_get_contents

String Functions


returns false|int by default

multiple replacements depending on use case:

\ts\strpos to get the actual string position when it is known that the haystack contains the needle

\ts\stringContains to check if the haystack contains the needle

\ts\stringStartsWith to check if the haystack begins with the needle


//TODO - but will be as above, but case insensitive

Array Functions


By default this is not strict and requires a third parameter of true.

Simply replace with \ts\arrayContains instead to have this handled automatically.

This improves readability and also prevents various mutation testing escapees that would be otherwise hard to catch

Find: (|\\)in_array\((.+?),(.+?),.+?\)

Replace: \\ts\\arrayContains($2, $3)

Debug Functions


When passing true, this returns a string, for example

$string=\print_r(['a'=>1], true);

To make this type safe, we replace with

$string = \ts\varToString(['a'=>1]);



Always returns a single type

Normalises the type, for example to empty strings or throws exceptions on failure

Find Replace

Find Replace
new \ReflectionClass new \ts\Reflection\ReflectionClass
: \ReflectionClass : \ts\Reflection\ReflectionClass
@var \ReflectionClass @var \ts\Reflection\ReflectionClass
(\ReflectionClass $ (\ts\Reflection\ReflectionClass $
@param \ReflectionClass $ @param \ts\Reflection\ReflectionClass $