Provides drush commands for yaml sanitization files checks and generation.

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Database Sanitize


Provides a set of drush commands to assist in generating a database.sanitize.yml file containing all the queries for database sanitization.

Commands included

  • db-sanitize-analyze (dbsa) Compares existing database.sanitize.yml files on the site installation against existing database tables and list tables that needs to be verified and possibly sanitized.
  • db-sanitize-generate (dbsg) generates a database.sanitize.yml file for all tables not specified in database.sanitize.yml files.

Use the option --file to specify a YML file and skip the scan. This is meant to be used alongside merge-yaml composer plugin, so that when you build your local environment for a drupal site, an database.sanitize.merge.yml file will be generated. This file's path is what you're expected to pass in.

Usage instructions

You can provide a database.sanitize.yml file containing queries for database sanitization for your module or profile.

File format

            description: 'query description'
            query: 'DB QUERY 1'
            description: 'query description'
            query: 'DB QUERY 2'
            description: 'query description'
            query: 'DB QUERY 3'
        DBTABLENAME4: false

Using a wildcard * for table names is supported. For example, setting node_revision* will apply to all tables names starting with node_revision.

Commands usage

To find out how many tables needs to be defined in database.sanitize.yml files:

drush dbsa
# Specifying a file.
drush dbsa --file=/var/www/SITE/NON-PUBLIC-FOLDER/database.sanitize.merge.yml

To get the YAML file content for the missing tables to be sanitized:

drush dbsg --machine-name="my_module"

To save the missing tables to a database.sanitize.yml file:

drush dbsg --machine-name="MY_profile" > docroot/profiles/MY_profile/database.sanitize.yml

The generated queries for each missing table default to TRUNCATE TABLE $table. Developers are expected to assess what content should be sanitized for each table and edit the file accordingly.

Automated Tests and Code Sniffer

This repository is integrated with Travis CI to perform tests and detect Drupal coding standards violations.

Running tests locally for development

You will need to:

  1. Run composer install.
  2. Run composer install inside the vendor/drush/drush directory.
  3. Within the root of the package, run this command adjusting UNISH_DB_URL with your database configuration.
UNISH_DB_URL="mysql://USERNAME:PASSWORD@" UNISH_NO_TIMEOUTS=y vendor/drush/drush/vendor/bin/phpunit --configuration "vendor/drush/drush/tests" drush/tests/