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Ecommpay SDK

1.4.0 2022-05-19 16:35 UTC

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This is a set of libraries in the PHP language to ease integration of your service with the EcommPay Payment Page.

Please note that for correct SDK operating you must have at least PHP 7.0.

Payment flow

Payment flow


Install with composer

composer require ecommpay/paymentpage-sdk

Get URL for payment

$gate = new ecommpay\Gate('secret');
$payment = new ecommpay\Payment('11', 'some payment id');
$url = $gate->getPurchasePaymentPageUrl($payment);

$url here is the signed URL.

If you want to use another domain for URL you can change it with optional Gate constructor parameter:

new ecommpay\Gate('secret', '');

or change it with method


Handle callback from Ecommpay

You'll need to autoload this code in order to handle notifications:

$gate = new ecommpay\Gate('secret');
$callback = $gate->handleCallback($data);

$data is the JSON data received from payment system;

$callback is the Callback object describing properties received from payment system; $callback implements these methods:

  1. Callback::getPaymentStatus(); Get payment status.
  2. Callback::getPayment(); Get all payment data.
  3. Callback::getPaymentId(); Get payment ID in your system.


  • Payment Page opening
  • Notifications handling
  • Direct Gate requests
  • PHPDoc