PHP Library for XML Schema Validations

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This is a library to validate XML files against multiple XSD Schemas according to its own definitions.

The way this works is:

  1. Receive a valid xml string as the content to be evaluated
  2. Scan the file for every schemaLocation
  3. Compose a schema that include all the schemas
  4. Validate the XML against the composed file


Use composer, so please run

composer require eclipxe/xmlschemavalidator

Basic usage


use Eclipxe\XmlSchemaValidator\SchemaValidator;

$contents = file_get_contents('example.xml');
$validator = SchemaValidator::createFromString($contents);
if (! $validator->validate()) {
    echo 'Found error: ' . $validator->getLastError();

Advanced usage


use Eclipxe\XmlSchemaValidator\SchemaValidator;
use Eclipxe\XmlSchemaValidator\Exceptions\ValidationFailException;

// create SchemaValidator using a DOMDocument
$document = new DOMDocument();
$validator = new SchemaValidator($document);

// change schemas collection to override the schema location of a specific namespace
$schemas = $validator->buildSchemas();
$schemas->create('', './local-schemas/x1.xsd');

// validateWithSchemas does not return boolean, it throws an exception
try {
} catch (ValidationFailException $ex) {
    echo 'Found error: ' . $ex->getMessage();


This library creates its own specific exceptions and all of them implements XmlSchemaValidatorException. Check the exceptions' documentation for more information.

When this library uses LibXML functions, it captures the errors and throw its own exception.

Version 1.x is deprecated

Version 1.x is no longer on development. It has a problem of concerns, the same library try to solve two different issues: Validate an XML file and store locally a copy of the XSD files. Version 2.x breaks this problem and give this library only one propose: Validate an XML file against its multiple XSD files, it does not matter where are located.

Version 2.x is deprecated

Migration changes between version 2 and version 3

Version 2.x was compatible with PHP 7 and was deprecated on 2020-04-05.

A branch 2.x has been created, it might be installable using composer require eclipxe/xmlschemavalidator:2.x-dev, but it will not be active maintained. You should change your dependency as soon as possible.


Contributions are welcome! Please read CONTRIBUTING for details and don't forget to take a look in TODO and CHANGELOG files.

Copyright and License

The eclipxe/XmlSchemaValidator library is copyright © Carlos C Soto and licensed for use under the MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.