Subsite template to initiate a new subsite project that uses toolkit.




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dev-release/10.x 2023-03-09 08:05 UTC



The OPEN EUROPA IT Platform is the technical side of the digital transformation programme at the European Commission. This composer project contains the subsite templates that are used to build the projects.

Choose the right version

A specific branch is provided for each Drupal core version.

Branch Drupal Core Toolkit version PHP version MySQL version Selenium version
release/7.x ^7.91 ^3.6.6 7.4 5.7 3.141.59
release/8.x ^9.4.7 ^8.6.17 >=8.0 5.7 3.141.59
release/9.x ^9.4.7 ^9.2 >=8.1 8.0 4.1.3-20220405
release/10.x ^10.0 ^9.2 >=8.1 8.0 4.1.3-20220405
  • Note: these are the default values that you can configure.


The build system for NextEuropa projects is packaged in a toolkit that can be found here: ec-europa/toolkit . This is the only required composer package to set up your project. To initiate a new project you can execute the following command (replace the branch to fit your needs):

git clone --branch=release/9.x project-folder-name
cd project-folder-name
docker-compose up -d
docker-compose exec web composer create-project

This will clone the current repository and install the toolkit. After this is done the .git/ files of the template repository will be removed. This sets up a clean toolkit that you can git init your own project on. For any information on toolkit usage, please refer to its documentation: ec-europa/toolkit