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Helps convert drush make files to composer.

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Converter from a Drush makefile to composer.json


It's very much in alpha and you should only use it at your own risk. You're very much likely to have to edit the composer.json afterwards.


Install this in your .drush folder:

$ git clone ~/.drush/m2c
$ drush cc drush

Then use the m2c command, specifying a makefile:

$ drush m2c path/to/drush-m2c/make_to_composer.drush path/to/makefile.make > path/to/composer.json

This will convert the makefile into a composer.json on standard output, so as you can see above we're piping that to an actual JSON file.

What Composer doesn't do

A limitation of installers is that it doesn't cope with building a runnable core-plus-contrib: your files will be in the following locations:

  • modules/
  • themes/
  • profiles/
  • libraries/
  • vendor/drupal/drupal/ <- core

You will need to manually rearrange these files to get your build to work. However, this is a task that is very much suited to Drush instance:

This supports composer.json, in the above format, as of 7.x-1.2.

Patches can also be applied using the jpstacey/composer-patches Packagist project: