Time and condition based trigger framework for notifications and other things inside Contao Open Source CMS

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v1.0.4 2020-06-30 17:52 UTC

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Last update: 2022-11-29 02:05:24 UTC


This bundle adds an extensible condition ⇒ action framework to Contao OpenSource CMS. The condition checking is processed on a regular basis via a cron job. If one or more actions are executed a respective entry gets created in the trigger log.


By default the following components are available:

  • Conditions

    • Table Records: Executes an action at most once for each of a selected table's rows if:

      A) a custom expression based on the table's columns is met

      category == 'things' and sum_total - coupon 2 > 100

      B) a field containing datetime information matches a given time constraint (e.g. 7 days later / 15 minutes before). When using the latter, the execution time can be overwritten (e.g. 3 days in advance, but at 6pm).

    • Point in Time: Executes an action as soon as a given point in time is reached. This allows basic scheduling.

  • Actions

    • Notification Action: Allows to send a custom notification via terminal42\notification-center (must be installed individually). The available simple tokens are based on the selected condition and are displayed in the backend.


Extending the framework