Extra for MODX Revo for starting with Twitter Bootstrap - open source front-end framework

v1.0.29-pl 2017-05-06 10:47 UTC


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Extra for starting with Twitter Bootstrap - open source front-end framework. This extra is especially useful for MODX Revo beginners and/or for the blank MODX Revo installation with Twitter Bootstrap framework in the future.

You'll find the Transport Package of this extra on this page or just install it via Package Management.

On the MODX-Bootstrap site you'll find the Screencast and Screenshots. There are screencast on the youtube also.


Latest Changes

For details read the complete changelog.


  • Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
  • Supports mysql


php build.transport.php 

You'll find your package in the core/packages directory of your MODX_BASE_PATH.


Install via Composer

MODX-Bootstrap is available on Packagist. It can be installed by running:

composer create-project earthperson/modx-bootstrap MODX-Bootstrap --prefer-dist;\
cd MODX-Bootstrap/_build/;\
sed "3s|/.*/|$MODX_CORE_PATH|" build.config.sample.php > build.config.php;\
php build.transport.php

Install via Composer