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Laravel 5 Pushover Package

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A Laravel 5 package for Android and iOS push notification service from https://pushover.net/.

**Please if you found any bug or you have any enhancement, You're so welcomed to open an Issue or make a pull request.



If you still using laravel 4.1 use the 1.3.0 version

To get the latest version of dyaa/pushover simply require it in your composer.json file.

"dyaa/pushover": "dev-master"

After that, you'll need to run composer update to download the latest Version and updating the autoloader.


composer require dyaa/pushover:dev-master

Once dyaa/pushover is installed, you need to register the Service Provider. To do that open app/config/app.php and add the following to the providers key.


Next you add this facade to app/config/app.php


To use this in your L5 application:

use Dyaa\Pushover\Facades\Pushover;


Create app/config/pushover.php and fill it with your Token and the User Key from https://pushover.net/

return [
    'token' => 'App Token',
    'user_key' => 'User Key',


Now you can use the package like that:

To Set a message (Required)

Pushover::push($title, $message);

To Set a Link (Optional)

Pushover::url($url, $title);

To Set a Callback (Optional)


To Set a Sound (Optional) Supported Notification Sounds https://pushover.net/api#sounds


To Set a Device Name (Optional)


To Set if the Message should be sent as HTML (Optional) Default is 1


To Set a Timestamp (Optional) Default is time()


To Set Priority (Optional) For More Info about Priority https://pushover.net/api#priority

Pushover::priority($priority, $retry, $expire);

To turn the Debug mode (Optional)


To Send the Message (Required)


All other information will be found in details here https://pushover.net/api


In the version 1.2.0 and above it supports the Artisan Commands but first make sure that you've done the Configuration correctly.

You can run

php artisan list

and you'll find

pushover:send               Pushover Command

To send a pushover message you'll be able to use it like this way ( Title and Message are Required )

php artisan pushover:send YourTitle YourMessage

to turn on the debug mode just add


in the end of the Command line

to set a sound you can add "Optional"


To know the supported sounds from here https://pushover.net/api#sounds

to set a Device name "Optional"


to send a URL "Optional"


to set a title for the URL "Optional"


to set a priority Message you can know more about the Priority Messages from here https://pushover.net/api#priority "Optional"


to set a priority retry (in seconds) Default is 60 "Optional"


to set a priority expire (in seconds) Default is 356 "Optional"


to set if message should be sent as HTML. Default is 1 "Optional" Note: Message body needs to be wrapped in quotes.



Copyright (c) 2017 Dyaa Eldin Moustafa Licensed under the MIT license.