Helpers to use API Platform and Symfony applications on Heroku.

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This library eases the deployment of API Platform and Symfony applications on the Heroku platform.

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Use Composer to install the library in your project:

composer require dunglas/api-platform-heroku

Database helper

The library provides a Composer script to create Symfony parameters for the Doctrine bundle by parsing the DATABASE_URL environment variable populated by the Heroku Postgres addon.

To use it, start by adding the script to your composer.json file:

// ...
    "scripts": {
        "pre-install-cmd": [
        // ...

Thanks to the ability of the Symfony Dependency Injection Component to read parameters from special environment variables, the parameters are automatically populated.

Change the content of the app/config/services.yml like the following to use them:

        driver:   "pdo_pgsql"
        host:     "%database_host%"
        port:     "%database_port%"
        dbname:   "%database_name%"
        user:     "%database_user%"
        password: "%database_password%"
        charset:  UTF8

In your local development environment, don't forget to set the SYMFONY__DATABASE_URL environment variable. A typical value for that variable is `postgres://user:pass@server:5432/dbname.

A convenient way to manage environment variable is the PHP dotenv library.


This library is part of the API Platform project. Created by Kévin Dunglas.