Package to handle communication with GetPocket.com API neatly.

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This package is for connecting to the Pocket API. check out their docs here

You'll need to register an app with pocket, and use the generated tokens provided in order for you to be able to connect to the API.

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Pockpack is installable via composer, the details are on packagist, here.

Add the following to the require section of your projects composer.json file:

"duellsy/pockpack": "2.*"

In files that you want to use the Pockpack classes, be sure to add the namespaces you're going to use to the top of the file similar to the following, so your code can reference the classes without issue

use Duellsy\Pockpack\Pockpack;
use Duellsy\Pockpack\PockpackAuth;
use Duellsy\Pockpack\PockpackQueue;


Get request token

$pockpath_auth = new PockpackAuth();
$request_token = $pockpath_auth->connect($consumer_key);

Redirect the user to pockets auth page


Get users access token

$pockpack = new PockpackAuth();
$access_token = $pockpack->receiveToken($consumer_key, $request_token);

Get users access token and username

$pockpack = new PockpackAuth();
$data = $pockpack->receiveTokenAndUsername($consumer_key, $request_token);
$access_token = $data['access_token'];
$username = $data['username'];

Get reading list

Retreive reading list

This will return a full list of all active (unarchived) bookmarks, optionally you can have it also return extra information such as images. If you would prefer the result to be an array, you can send a second boolean value to the retrieve function set to true.

$pockpack = new Pockpack($consumer_key, $access_token);
$as_array = true; // false will return JSON, true will return an array
$list = $pockpack->retrieve($options[, $as_array]); // the second parameter is optional, defaults to false

The options array allows you to control exactly what is returned from the API. For the full list of options, please check 'Optional Parameters' section of the pocket retrieve API (you can also see an example JSON response on this page)

Example 1: show all favorited bookmarks, complete with images

$options = array(
    'state'         => 'all',
    'favorite'      => 1,
    'detailType'    => 'complete'

Example 2: show only unread bookmarks, complete with image

$options = array(
    'state'         => 'favorite',
    'detailType'    => 'complete'

Add new bookmark

A simple example of adding a bookmark to your reading list:

$link_info = array(
    'url'       => 'http://example.com'

$pockpack = new Pockpack($pocket_consumer_key, $pocket_access_token);
$pockpack_q = new PockpackQueue();


The array that is sent to the add method can contain the following information:

  • item_id (integer; If you are overwriting a link)
  • ref_id (integer; A Twitter status id; this is used to show tweet attribution)
  • tags (array; A list of tags you want to add to this bookmark)
  • time (timestamp; This is automatically added by the PockpackQueue class)
  • title (string; An optional title if you want to control it)
  • url (string; The URL of the item)

Modify existing bookmark

The main flow to modify a bookmark is as follows

$pockpack = new Pockpack($pocket_consumer_key, $pocket_access_token);
$pockpack_q = new PockpackQueue();



You first need to create the pockpack connection, then add something to the queue, and finally send the queue to pocket.

You can add as many items to the queue before sending, to send in bulk to keep things fast.

Archive bookmark


Re-add bookmark


Favorite bookmark


Unfavorite bookmark


Delete bookmark


Tagging Actions for bookmarks

The main flow of tagging is as follows

$pockpack = new Pockpack($pocket_consumer_key, $pocket_access_token);
$pockpack_q = new PockpackQueue();

$tags = array("sampleTag1","sampleTag2");
$tag_info = array(
    'item_id'     => $item_id,
    'tags'        => $tags



Add Tags


Remove Tags


Replace Tags


Clear Tags

Clear Tag does not require $tag_info but only $item_id



Contributions are encouraged and welcome; to keep things organised, all bugs and requests should be opened in the github issues tab for the main project, at duellsy/pockpack/issues

All pull requests should be made to the develop branch, so they can be tested before being merged into the master branch.

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