A PHP 7 shim for ext/mysql

1.0.0beta4 2020-12-14 07:30 UTC


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PHP 7 Shim for ext/mysql

This library attempts to create a drop-in replacement for ext/mysql on PHP 7 using mysqli.

For the most part, it should just work.

Why You Shouldn't Use This Library

This library is meant to be a stop-gap. It will be slower than using the native functions directly.

You should switch to ext/pdo_mysql or ext/mysqli, and migrate to prepared queries to ensure you are securely interacting with your database.


To install, either add dshafik/php7-mysql-shim to your composer.json:

$ composer require dshafik/php7-mysql-shim

or, clone/download this repo, and include lib/mysql.php in your project.


When installed with composer, the library is included automatically.

Once the lib/mysql.php file is included, it will create mysql_* functions if they don't already exist. You may safely include the file in a PHP 5.3.6+ project, it will do nothing if the mysql extension is already available.


  • Calls to is_resource() and get_resource_type() on MySQL connections and results will fail as these are now their mysqli equivalents.
  • Some errors are now from ext/mysqli, and others are E_USER_WARNING instead of E_WARNING.
  • You must use the mysqli.* INI entries instead of mysql.* (e.g. mysqli.default_user instead of mysql.default_user)
  • If no host, username, password parameter is provided when using the mysql_* functions, the default values from the corresponding mysqli.* settings from php.ini file will be used (e.g. mysqli.default_host, mysqli.default_user, mysqli.default_pw)


Instead of using this drop-in-replacement library you should consider refactoring your code from mysql to e.g. mysqli. This process can be automated with e.g. https://stackoverflow.com/a/61597957