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Payment allows you to create and configure payment methods and use those to process other modules' payments.

In addition to this README file, also see PLUGINS.md and the online handbook.

This project contains the following modules:

  • Payment is an API to connect payment methods to modules that allow users to make payments. This means that it doesn't do much by itself, apart from providing other modules with the ability to make payments.
  • Payment Form Field contains a field that displays a payment form when viewing the entity the field is attached to.
  • Payment Reference Field contains a field that allow users to make a payment while adding a new entity.

General configuration

To get started, you need to create at least one payment method. In order to do that, you need to enable at least one module that provides payment method plugins. Any other module that works with Payment and requires payments to be made, such as a web shop, can then use this payment method automatically.