A starter project for Tome.

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This project is a great place to start for building brand new Tome projects.

There isn't much here now, but keep posted and let me know if anything doesn't work!



To create a new Tome project, run:

composer create-project drupal-tome/tome-project my_site --stability dev --no-interaction
drush tome:init

To re-install Tome, run:

drush tome:install

To start a local webserver, run:

drush runserver

When you're ready to build your static site, run:

drush tome:static


When composer install or update is ran, the "modules" and "themes" directories, as well as the "settings.php" file, is symlinked into the "web" directory.

This is done to improve DX, but only works on systems that support bash, and symlinks. If you're running Windows you'll probably want to write a custom script to replace symlink.sh, and use the mklink command. Pull requests are welcome to make this functionality cross-platform by default.


A Docker image for Tome is available on Docker Hub as mortenson/tome. Instructions on how to use the image can be found at drupal-tome/tome-docker.

Further reading

This project is largely based on drupal-composer/drupal-project, so it's recommended that you consult their README.md for more information.