Library for manipulation with project configurations

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Library for manipulation with project configurations.

composer require drmvc/config

How to use

require_once __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

// Config object
$config = new \DrMVC\Config();

// Load file with array inside from filesystem
$config->load(__DIR__ . '/array.php');

// Load file from filesystem and put into array with specific key
$config->load(__DIR__ . '/array.php', 'subarray');

$config->set('param_new', 'value'); // Add new text parameter
$config->set('param_arr', [1,2,3]); // Add new array parameter

$all = $config->get();              // Get all available parameters
$one = $config->get('param_new');   // Get single parameter
$arr = $config->get('param_arr');   // Get single parameter with array

More examples you can find here.

About PHP Unit Tests

First need to install all dev dependencies via composer update, then you can run tests by hands from source directory via ./vendor/bin/phpunit command.