DreamFactory(tm) Scripting Components

0.12.2 2020-05-15 13:20 UTC


Note: This repository contains the scripting features of the DreamFactory platform. If you want the full DreamFactory platform, visit the main DreamFactory repository.


DreamFactory(™) Script is a package built on top of the DreamFactory core, and as such retains the requirements of the df-core.


Documentation for the scripting features can be found on the DreamFactory wiki.


Edit your project’s composer.json to require the following package.

	"dreamfactory/df-script": "~0.6.0"

Feedback and Contributions

  • Feedback is welcome in the form of pull requests and/or issues.
  • Contributions should generally follow the strategy outlined in "Contributing to a project"
  • All pull requests must be in a "git flow" feature branch and formatted as PSR-2 compliant to be considered.


This code is governed by a commercial license. To use it, you must follow refer to the LICENSE file.