A library that allows you to import standard import files into the Sentry system.

v1.0.6 2019-02-01 19:45 UTC


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Used to import Standard Import Files as defined by ClearStructure.

Check Sentry's documentation for the proper format if a Standard Import File.

// This will attempt to import the contents of 'standard_import_file.xlsx' into the UAT site.
// Change the 2nd parameter of the run() method to true to import to your production site.

use DPRMC\ClearStructure\Sentry\DataService\Services\ImportExcel;

$uatUrl           = 'http://your-uat-url';
$prodUrl          = 'http://your-prod-url';
$user             = 'yourSentryUserName';
$pass             = 'yourEncryptedSentryPassword';
$pathToImportFile = 'standard_import_file.xlsx';
$postToUAT        = true;

$importExcelResponse = ImportExcel::init( $uatUrl, $prodUrl, $user, $pass, $postToUAT )
// Contents of $importExcelResponse->response() if everything goes well:
    [time] => Carbon\Carbon Object
            [date] => 2018-08-03 16:12:23.000000
            [timezone_type] => 3
            [timezone] => UTC

    [name] => Security_Attribute_Update
    [num] => 2
    [runtime] => 296.8872
    [errors] => Array

    [warnings] => Array

// Call path() to get the local filepath of the xlsx that was uploaded to Sentry.


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