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Adds a new Document Type called "Pushover" to send notifications via Pushover. The main reason to implement it as Document is: You can relate it to different kind of objects and use "send" Method to trigger the event.

This Plugin needs at least Pimcore build 3993


Getting started

  • Download Plugin and place it in your plugins directory
  • Open Extension Manager in Pimcore and enable/install Plugin
  • After Installation within Pimcore Extension Manager, you have to reload Pimcore
  • Open Settings -> Definitions
  • Add "capirussa/pushover-php" : "1.0" to your composer.json and install the requirements

or install it via composer on an existing pimcore installation

composer require dpfaffenbauer/pushover

or for the nightly dev version

composer require dpfaffenbauer/pushover dev-master

Configure Pushover

Open Settings -> Pushover Settings and add your Application Token

Send Pushover Message

Pushover uses Pimcore Placeholders for Title and Message.

See more here https://www.pimcore.org/docs/latest/Development_Tools_and_Details/Placeholders/index.html

$document = \Pimcore\Model\Document::getById(165);

$message = new \Pushover\Message();
    ["text" => "Pimcore Pushover"]

iPhone Push Message