Process Manager helps you to see statuses for long running Processes

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Process Manager Plugin keeps track of all your "long running jobs". It adds a native GUI and a new portlet for your Dashboard. You can also create Executables and run them with one click. (It's planned to integrate a CRON like Syntax for recurring tasks)

Plugins using Process Manager

Getting started

  • Install via composer composer require dpfaffenbauer/process-manager:^2.0
  • Enable via command-line (or inside the pimcore extension manager): bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable ProcessManagerBundle
  • Install via command-line (or inside the pimcore extension manager): bin/console pimcore:bundle:install ProcessManagerBundle
  • Reload Pimcore
  • Open Tools -> Process Manager

Integrate to your Task

Create new Process

$processFactory = $container->get('process_manager.factory.process');
$process = $processFactory->createProcess(
        'Process (%s): %s',
        $date->formatLocalized('%A %d %B %Y'),
        'Special Long Running Task'
    ),                                                  //Name
    'special_task',                                     //Type
    'Message',                                          //Message Text
    100,                                                //Total Steps
    0                                                   //Current Step
$process->save();                                       //Save

Advance the Progress


Finish the Progress


Using the Process Logger

Process Manager also provides you with the ability to Log what exactly happens in your progress.

$logger = $container->get('process_manager.logger');

//Logs a emergency message
$logger->emergency($process, 'Total of 100 entries found');

//Logs a alert message
$logger->alert($process, 'Total of 100 entries found');

//Logs a critical message
$logger->critical($process, 'Total of 100 entries found');

//Logs a error message
$logger->error($process, 'Total of 100 entries found');

//Logs a warning message
$logger->warning($process, 'Total of 100 entries found');

//Logs a notice message
$logger->notice($process, 'Total of 100 entries found');

//Logs a info message
$logger->info($process, 'Total of 100 entries found');

//Logs a debug message
$logger->debug($process, 'Total of 100 entries found');


You can also further process the log to create a pretty report. To do that, you have to create a new service and implement the interface ProcessManagerBundle\Report\ReportInterface. Import Definitions has an example implementation of that Import Definition Report

Add a new Process Type

  • Add a new Class to your Bundle and implement ``ProcessManagerBundle\Process\ProcessInterface``` Interface
  • Add a new Form Type to your Bundle and add required fields to it
  • Add a new Service with tag process_manager.process
          class: Wvision\Bundle\ImportDefinitionsBundle\ProcessManager\ImportDefinitionProcess
          - { name: 'process_manager.process', type: 'importdefinition', form-type: 'Wvision\Bundle\ImportDefinitionsBundle\Form\Type\ProcessManager\ImportDefinitionsType' }
  • Thats it, done. (You still need to handle Process creation within your Bundle yourself, there is no magic behind it)

Stoppable processes

You can implement your process to be stoppable by user via the admin panel. You need to set the stoppable flag of the process to true and it's status to ProcessManagerBundle::STATUS_RUNNING for the stop button to shop up:


Additionally, you need to implement stop logic to your process. Track the process status and stop your process if it's set to ProcessManagerBundle::STATUS_STOPPING:

$process = $this->processRepository->find($processId);
if ($process->getStatus() == ProcessManagerBundle::STATUS_STOPPING) {
    // Here goes your process stop and cleanup logic
    $process->setStatus(ProcessManagerBundle::STATUS_STOPPED); // remember to set the status to stopped.

Copyright and license

Copyright: lineofcode.at For licensing details please visit LICENSE.md

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