Engagement Cloud for Magento 2: B2B module

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B2B module


​​This module is dedicated to Magento merchants that also sell to other businesses. You may be running a B2B model only or hybrid model B2B/B2C, but as long as you’re using the Magento Commerce for B2B module, you can benefit from this separate dotdigital B2B extension and put all your B2B data to work with Engagement Cloud.


Here are the requirements for dotdigital for Magento Commerce B2B:

  • Available from Magento 2.3+
  • Requires magento/module-b2b
  • Requires dotdigital extension versions:
    • dotdigitalgroup Email 4.3.6+
    • dotdigitalgroup Enterprise 1.0.6+ (if used)


  • To enable the module, run:
composer require dotmailer/dotmailer-magento2-extension-b2b
bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • Ensure you have set valid API credentials in Configuration > dotdigital > Account Settings
  • Enable Shared Catalog and B2B Quote in General > B2B Features to use the related syncs.


What’s new
  • Merchants using Magento's B2B module can now integrate with Engagement Cloud. Extra data is mapped for Companies, and new syncs are available for Shared Catalogs and negotiable B2B Quotes.