This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the dotkernel/dot-cli package instead.

DotKernel component for creating console applications based on laminas-console

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DotKernel component to build console applications based on laminas-console


laminas-console is abandoned and will receive no further development!

We recommend using dotkernel/dot-cli.


  • PHP >= 7.4
  • laminas/laminas-servicemanager >= 3.4,
  • laminas/laminas-console >= 2.8


Run the following command in your project root directory

$ composer require dotkernel/dot-console

Next, register the package's ConfigProvider to your application config. If can also manually register the package's dependencies in your container. There is only one dependency that need to be registered Dot\Console\Factory\ApplicationFactory that should be used to create an Laminas\Console\Application object used to bootstrap the app.

Configuration and Usage

You should create a bootstrap file in your project, similar to index.php, that will be called from the command line to start console commands. We advise you to create a bin folder in your project's root folder. Here you can create a console.php file with the following content.


 * Console application bootstrap file
use Dot\Console\Application;

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

 * Self-called anonymous function that creates its own scope and keep the global namespace clean.
call_user_func(function () {
    /** @var \Interop\Container\ContainerInterface $container */
    $container = require 'config/container.php';

    /** @var Application $app */
    $app = $container->get(Application::class);

This assumes you are using one of our web starter applications or a Mezzio similarly structured application. Next you can go to the command line and call console commands

$ php bin/console.php <command_name> <parameters>

You can try some of the provided out-of-the box commands

$ php bin/console.php help

Creating commands

dot-console is mainly a wrapper around laminas-console. You should check their full documentation before. Why a wrapper?

  • it allows us to extend the original package if we need
  • we can simplify some things

The first thing this package offers, is the Dot\Console\Application factory that creates a package using the configuration array provided at dot_console key. An console application needs a name, version, route configuration, console instance and dispatcher. You can provide a configuration file for the console application in the following format

return [
    'dot_console' => [
        'name' => 'Console Name',
        'version' => '3.2.0',
        'showVersion' => true,
        'lock' => true,
        'commands' => [

The second thing is an abstract class that you commands should extend. This class forces the __invoke method with the proper parameter definition that defines console commands. Commands must be invokable classes with the following signature:

public function __invoke(RouteCollector $route, AdapterInterface $console)

Command classes are pulled from the container, so you might inject your commands with dependencies.

'Hello World!' command example

Create HelloCommand class

use Dot\Console\Command\AbstractCommand;
use Laminas\Console\Adapter\AdapterInterface;
use Dot\Console\RouteCollector as Route;

class HelloCommand extends AbstractCommand
     * @param Route $route
     * @param AdapterInterface $console
     * @return int
    public function __invoke(Route $route, AdapterInterface $console)
        $console->writeLine('Hello World Command');
        return 0;

Next, register this class in your container as a dependency.

Add command to config

Update the console configuration to include this command

'commands' => [
        'name' => 'hello',
        'description' => 'Hello, World! command full description',
        'short_description' => 'Hello, World! command short description',
        'handler' => HelloCommand::class,

Add custom parameters to config

'commands' => [
        'name' => 'hello',
        'route' => '[--action=] [--param_one=] [--...=]',
        'description' => 'Hello, World! command full description',
        'short_description' => 'Hello, World! command short description.',
        'options_descriptions' => [
            '--action' => 'Target action.',
            '--param_one'  => 'Parameter one description.'
        'handler' => HelloCommand::class

Please note that the content of:

  • description is displayed when the command is executed
  • short_description is displayed when the list of available commands is executed or getting help for a specific command

Testing command

In command line, go to your project's root directory and type the following command:

$ php ./bin/console.php hello

For a complete documentation you can follow laminas-console. Anything there related to commands are applicable to this package too.