A library of functionality shared between the components that make up the Message Broker system.

0.3.8 2016-12-09 21:43 UTC


A PHP baed library that ascts as a wrapper around the php-amqplib/php-amqplib AMQP PHP library. The goal is to provide utility methods to simplify some of the more common activities of interacting with a AMQP based (RabbitMQ) server.


Within the composer.json file of any PHP based application include this package with:

  "require": {
    "php": ">= 5.3.0",
    "DoSomething/messagebroker-phplib": "0.3.*",

Create an instance of the class

// RabbitMQ
$rabbitCredentials = [
    'host' =>  getenv("RABBITMQ_HOST"),
    'port' => getenv("RABBITMQ_PORT"),
    'username' => getenv("RABBITMQ_USERNAME"),
    'password' => getenv("RABBITMQ_PASSWORD"),
    'vhost' => getenv("RABBITMQ_VHOST"),

$config['exchange'] = array(
  'name' => $exchangeSettings->name,
  'type' => $exchangeSettings->type,
  'passive' => $exchangeSettings->passive,
  'durable' => $exchangeSettings->durable,
  'auto_delete' => $exchangeSettings->auto_delete,
$config['queue'] = array(
  'name' => $queueSetting->name,
  'passive' => $queueSetting->passive,
  'durable' =>  $queueSetting->durable,
  'exclusive' =>  $queueSetting->exclusive,
  'auto_delete' =>  $queueSetting->auto_delete,
  'routingKey' =>  $queueSetting->routing_key,
  'bindingKey' => $bindingKey,

$mb = new MessageBroker($rabbitCredentials, $config));

###Publish a message

$this->messageBroker->publish($message, <routing key>);

###Consume a message

How a message will be consumed is defined in the connection to the queue.

$config['consume'] = array(
  'no_local' => $queueSetting->consume->no_local,
  'no_ack' => $queueSetting->consume->no_ack,
  'nowait' => $queueSetting->consume->nowait,
  'exclusive' => $queueSetting->consume->exclusive,

The number of messages for the consumer to reserve with each callback. This is Necessary for parallel processing when more than one consumer is running on the same queue.

define('QOS_SIZE', 1);

$mb->consumeMessage([new consumer class(), <consumer method], QOS_SIZE);

where the consumed message details will be sent to consumer method>

 public function <consumer method>($payload) {

####Gulp Support Use a path directly to gulp ./node_modules/.bin/gulp or add an alias to your system config (.bash_profile) as alias gulp='./node_modules/.bin/gulp'


  • gulp lint

See gulpfile.js for configuration and combinations of tasks.

##PHP CodeSniffer

  • php ./vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=./ruleset.xml --colors -s MessageBroker-Drupal.php src tests Listing of all coding volations by file.

  • php ./vendor/bin/phpcbf --standard=./ruleset.xml --colors MessageBroker-Drupal.php src tests Automated processing of files to adjust to meeting coding standards.

###Test Coverage

  • gulp test


  • npm test

##PHP Unit

  • $ ./vendor/bin/phpunit --verbose tests