An experimental middleware decorator for a PSR-6 cache pool

v0.1.0 2022-05-21 15:30 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-21 21:41:59 UTC


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This is an experimental package that provides middleware for any PSR-6 cache pool.


To apply middlewares you decorate your PSR-6 cache pool with the DoekeNorg\CacheMiddleware\MiddlewareDecorator. The constructor of the decorator receives the decorated cache pool, as well as an optional list of middleware classes. You can also add more middlewares by calling the addMiddleware(...$middlewares) method on the decorator.

use DoekeNorg\CacheMiddleware\MiddlewareCachePool;

$regular_psr6_cache_pool = ...; // your current PSR-6 cache pool
$decorator_cache_pool = new MiddlewareCachePool($regular_psr6_cache_pool, ...$middlewares);
$decorator_cache_pool = new MiddlewareCachePool($regular_psr6_cache_pool);

Types of middleware

This package provides three middleware interfaces:

  • MiddlewareGetInterface: This middleware is called in combination with ->getItem() and ->getItems()
  • MiddlewareSaveInterface: This middleware is called in combination with ->save() and ->safeDefered()
  • MiddlewareDeleteInterface: This middleware is called in combination with ->deleteItem() and ->deleteItems()

Implementing the interfaces

Every interface has a single process<Type> method that gets called in the middleware process. So a single middleware class can implement multiple middleware interfaces, and provide a common goal.

use DoekeNorg\CacheMiddleware\MiddlewareGetInterface;
use DoekeNorg\CacheMiddleware\MiddlewareSaveInterface;
use DoekeNorg\CacheMiddleware\MiddlewareDeleteInterface;
use Psr\Cache\CacheItemInterface;

final class ExampleMiddleware implements MiddlewareGetInterface, MiddlewareSaveInterface, MiddlewareDeleteInterface {
    public function processGet(string $key, callable $next): CacheItemInterface {
        $cache_item = $next($key);
        // do something to the cache item
        return $cache_item;
    public function processSave(CacheItemInterface $cacheItem, callable $next): bool {
        // do something to the cache item
        return $next($cacheItem);
    public function processDelete(string $key, callable $next): bool {
        // perform some action based on the key or the deleted result.
        return $next($key);


This package is a fun experiment to see if the middleware pattern can be useful around a PSR-6 cache. The package is under development, and the implementation can change during the non-stable phase. As long as this is a 0.*.* release consider every minor change as a major update.

Warning: While it is possible to change the cache keys of the methods I do not recommend this in the middleware. Use it to update the cache item (adding tags, deleting other items for a given key, etc.).

Caveat: To trigger the middlewares on all items in combination with getItems() and deleteItems() these functions do NOT call these functions on the decorated cache pool, but rather call getItem() and deleteItem() multiple times on the decorator. This technically makes this decorator a proxy, but practically it still is a decorator. Just note that if you need the inner methods called, this package probably isn't for you, and you should use a custom decorator.


Please see the CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.