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Installation tips, stubs and checker for LibXL / iliaal/php_excel php extension.


Useful to enable autocompletion in your project composer require soluble/php_excel_dev --dev

Stubs should be installed as a --dev dependency.

LibXL install

In order to compile the iliaal/php_excel you must have libXL installed and the php development packages installed (phpize, phpconfig).

On Ubuntu, ensure you have the php-dev package installed.

sudo apt-get install php-dev

Alternatively suffix with the php version if you're using the ondrej/php ppa:

sudo apt-get install php7.3-dev

Automated installation scripts

You can either use one of the bash scripts below :

PHP Distribution Gist
7.3 Ubuntu ondrej/php ppa
7.2 Ubuntu ondrej/php ppa
7.1 Ubuntu ondrej/php ppa
7.x For Travis CI

Be sure the extension is loaded (in your php.ini) or type phpenmod excel.

Manual installation


The libxl static binaries can easily be installed:

sudo mkdir /opt/libxl-3.8.2;
wget -qO- | sudo tar zxvf - --strip 1 --directory /opt/libxl-3.8.2

PHP extension

Download and unzip the php_excel/php7 branch:

wget -qO- | tar zxvf - --directory /tmp

Build the extension;

cd /tmp/php_excel-php7; 
./configure --with-php-config=`which php-config` \
            --with-libxl-incdir=/opt/libxl-3.8.2/include_c/ \
            --with-libxl-libdir=/opt/libxl-3.8.2/lib64/ \
            --with-excel=/opt/libxl-3.8.2 && \
make && \
make install

In case you're using multiple php versions, you can generally suffix the phpize and phpconfig commands like phpize-7.3, php-config-7.3...

Then register the extension in your php.ini:

For ondrej/php ppa

echo "" > /tmp/excel.ini;
sudo cp /tmp/excel.ini /etc/php/php7.3/mods-available/excel.ini; 
sudo phpenmod -v 7.3 excel;


A convenience script to check installation can be run from composer

$ composer check:libxl -- <license name> <license key>

or directly from php

$ ./bin/ <license name> <license key> 

It checks for correctly loaded extension and valid license.


Version LibXL php_excel Note(s)
0.1.x 3.8.2 php7-branch > 3.8.2 seems to have license problem