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Dna Recipe

Includes a collection of useful modules, a starter theme, and the silverstripe recipe-cms


Silverstripe 4. See 3.0 branch for silverstripe 3 support.

Getting started

NOTE: assumes you have node setup and gulp installed globally. If not, you should go do those things first


To start a project with this recipe use a terminal to run (replace your-project with your project's name):

composer create-project dnadesign/basic-recipe ./your-project cd your-project
make setup

This will:

  • Copy a draft .env file in for you (you'll need to update this)
  • Install the frontend dependencies & create the built theme in theme-default/dist
  • Run composer install (because this task doubles as a quick setup for future devs on your project)
  • Run composer vendor-expose to symlink assets into public
  • Run a dev/build ?flush

Recipe options

To add this recipe to an existing project:

(optional) composer require dnadesign/basic-recipe ./your-project

To move the cms recipe dependencies to your own composer file in order to modify them:

(optional) composer update-recipe silverstripe/recipe-cms

More information about recipes and how to work with them is available here: https://github.com/silverstripe/recipe-plugin

Using this recipe

This code comes bundled with a makefile for quick access to common tasks. Run make list or make help to get a list of available options, or open the Makefile directly.


Theme-default is a starter theme, intended to be used as a base for development. See the theme README file for theme specific documentation

Testing and deployment

This recipe comes with setup for a deployment pipeline from CodeShip to Silverstripe Dashboards. There are commands in the MakeFile for this purpose.

If you don't intend to use this pipeline, feel free to remove these from the makefile. Note that by default we aren't committing built assets, so if you have a git based deployment pipeline, you might want to remove theme-default/dist from .gitignore


  • A Codeship account
  • A SilverStripe Dashboard Project, and a Dashboard api key
  • An amazon s3 bucket

Note: you can still use Codeship and not deploy to platform.


  1. Update the pipeline_project_name in the MakeFile with the project name used in the Silverstripe Dashboard.
  2. Codeship: create a new project for this build, and set it up with your projects git details (Codeship supports GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket repos)

CodeShip: Setup your tests

Codeship > Your project > Project settings > Test

Setup commands
  1. Select your technology > select php
  2. Update the php version to support your project. eg: phpenv local 7.2
  3. Adjust any other settings you might need (e.g. you can set memory limits with: echo "memory_limit = 512M" >> $HOME/.phpenv/versions/7.2/etc/php.ini )
  4. Call make pipeline_setuptest to set up an instance of your project for tests to run inside
Configure Test Pipelines
  1. Create a test pipeline
  2. Call the make pipeline_test command to run all your project's tests

Note: Tests can be bypassed if the most recent commit message contains SKIP_CI. eg: FIX: response.js bug by updating [SKIP_CI]

Codeship: setup for deployments


Configure your Codeship environment variables under Project settings > Environment. You will need:
AWS_DEFAULT_REGION - from your s3 bucket account. e.g. ap-southeast-2
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - from your s3 bucket account.
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - from your s3 bucket account.
DASHBOARD_TOKEN - You can find this in your profile on the Silverstripe Dashboard
DASHBOARD_USER - this is the email address you use on the dashboard, and not your username

Note: The AWS connections might be adapted for deployments to other environments, if you aren't hosted on CWP, or the Silverstripe Platform.


Project settings > Deploy

  1. Add a new deployment pipeline, and choose a deployment branch
  2. Choose "Custom script"
  3. Call make pipeline_deploy. This will prep the test build - removing unwanted files, create a tar file, and send it to a SilverStripe Dashboard for deployment.

You should now be able to push to your deployment branch to trigger a deploy