Speaking URLs for TYPO3

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2.5.0 2018-07-09 00:00 UTC


This is version 2.x of the famous RealURL extension for TYPO3 CMS. This version is rewritten from scratch and will work only with TYPO3 6.2 or newer.

Repository, bug reporting, pull requests, etc is handled via


  • Backend modules work only with TYPO3 ≥ 7.6
  • If you find errors, please, report them here. This place is only for bugs. Use TYPO3 mailing lists for questions!
  • Configuration is compatible but you are strongly advised to have "Is root page?" set in page properties on all your root pages. Otherwise it is your own fault :)
  • If you have questions like "Why did you...", please, read the Developer's page on the Wiki first.
  • If you want to contribute, you are welcome! Please, read "Contribution" page in the documentation.

If you want to support further RealURL development, please donate!