A Syfmony 2 Bundle for Saasu using the Saasu PHP Client library

v1.0.2 2013-12-02 01:04 UTC


Dlin Saasu Bundle is Symfony2 wrapper bundle for the Saasu PHP Client library. Please refer to the documentation for details usage.

This Saasu Bundle provides a configurable service to work with Saasu


Installation using Composer

Add to your composer.json:

    "require" :  {
        "dlin/saasu-bundle": "dev-master"

Enable the bundle in you AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
    new Dlin\Bundle\SaasuBundle\DlinSaasuBundle(),


For example:


    wsaccesskey: D4A92597762C4FDCAF66FF03C988B7B2
    file_uid: 41555


Geting the service in a controller

$service =  $this->get('dlin.saasu_service');

Getting the service in a ContainerAwareService

$service = $this->container->get('dlin.saasu_service');

The service provide one method to return an instance of Dlin\Saasu\SaasuAPI, for details example please look at the Saasu PHP Client library

$api = $service->getApi();

Contacting the Saasu web service API could be slow. If you do not need instant result from the service, you can delay execution of the your tasks to improve user experience.

For example, if all you want to do is to create an Invoice in Saasu and you don't need instant response ( Invoice id or any error ). You can improve user experience by delaying execution of the task:

//get the service
$service =  $this->get('dlin.saasu_service');

//create an invoice object
$invoice = new Invoice();

//populate invoice with data
$invoice->transactionType = 'S';
//This will create the Invoice straightaway, user will experience minor delay

//This will postpone Invoice creation till HTTP respond is sent to user
$service->schedule('saveEntity', $invoice);

This is most useful in creating, updating or deleting entities though all Api methods can be postponded in similar way. You can if you want, to perform a postponed/scheduled search or load. But it is useless as the result is not reachable.

Example for scheduling an Invoice deletion follows:

$service->schedule('deleteEntity', $invoice);



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