A Syfmony 2 Bundle for Keen.IO using the office Keen.IO library

v1.0.6 2013-11-28 23:40 UTC


Dlin Keen Bundle is Symfony2 wrapper bundle for the 'Keen.IO' PHP library:

This Keen Bundle provides a configurable service to work with Keen.IO




Installation using Composer

Add to your composer.json:

    "require" :  {
        "dlin/keen-bundle": "dev-master"

Enable the bundle in you AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
    new Dlin\Bundle\KeenBundle\DlinKeenBundle(),


For example:


    project_id: werknskviehraf234slf
    read_key: xxxxxxxxxxx
    write_key: xxxxxxxxx


Geting the service in a controller

$service =  $this->get('dlin.keen_service');

Getting the service in a ContainerAwareService

$service = $this->container->get('dlin.keen_service');

Sending an event to Keen.IO with data

$eventCollectionName = "purchases";

$eventData = array('porduct_id'=>1, 'quantity'=>2, 'amount'=>120);

$service->fireEvent($eventCollectionName, $eventData);

Sending an event in an OOP way.

//create an event object with public properties
$eventObject = new MyPurchaseEvent();
$eventObject->productId = 1;
$eventObject->quantity = 2;
$eventObject->amount = 120;

$service->fireEventObject($eventObject); //this is equivalent to the last fireEvent call

//You can defined your own event class
Class MyPurchaseEvent{

   //Public properties will be send as event data
   public $productId;
   public $quantity;
   public $amount;

   // Procted and private properties are ignored
   protected $customerAddress;
   private $customerGender;

   //By default, the event collection name will be the class name in camelCase (e.g. myPurchaseEvent)
   //You can specify the collection name by defining a public method named 'getCollectionName'
   public function getCollectionName(){
      return 'purchases';


Sometimes sending event can slow down your page and affect user experience. You can schedule to fire an event only after theh current script finish execution. This avoids slowing down the page loading.

$service->scheduleEvent('event_collection_name', array('data'=>123));

//You can get scheduled events using collection name

//You can also cancel schedule events by event collection name



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