Sync files from various sources to neos assets.

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Neos Asset Synchronization

This package makes it possible to sync files from various sources into the Neos asset management. Sources can be a folder on the local file system as well as cloud services like NextCloud or Dropbox. New sync sources can be added easily. You can specify tags that are assigned to the importet assets in order to find them easily in the media browser.

Available Sources

These are currently available sources, new sources can be implemented easily - take a look at the SourceInterface to see how its done.

These are the available sources. Have a look at the detailed configuration examples bewlow.

  • Local Filesystem Source: Import files from a local folder.
  • WebDav Source: Import files from a webdav server. Also suitable to sync files from your Owncloud or Nextcloud account.
  • Dropbox Source: Import files from a Dropbox folder.

Installation and integration

The installation is done with composer:

composer require dl/assetsync

An additional database table is required which is created using:

./flow doctrine:migrate


Run the synchronization via the command controller:

./flow assetsync:sync <sourceIdentifier>

Or run all available sourceConfiguration:

./flow assetsync:syncall

Source Configuration

Generic Source configuration


Full qualified class name of the source class.


This pattern can be used to filter the to be imported files by a given pattern. Currently the file identifier is the filename and path for all implemented sources. This can change for new sources.


fileIdentifierPattern: '.+\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|tiff|png)'

Default: .*


Configures, if files which are synced in previously, but doesn't exist in the source anymore should be removed from the assets.

Default: false

Local Filesystem Source

Syncs files from a local file system directory.

Implementation DL\AssetSync\Source\LocalFilesystemSource
Required Package none

Configuration Example:

        sourceClass: DL\AssetSync\Source\LocalFilesystemSource
          - myLocalFileSource
          - assetCollectionWithSyncedItems
          sourcePath: '<pathToLocalDirectory>'

WebDav Source

Syncs files from a WebDav Server. This can also be used to sync files from OwnCloud or NextCloud. It uses the packages League\Flysystem for an easier file system abstraction.

Implementation DL\AssetSync\Source\LeagueFlysystem\WebDavSource
Required Package league/flysystem-webdav

Configuration Example for a OwnCloud share:

        sourceClass: DL\AssetSync\Source\LeagueFlysystem\WebDavSource
          baseUri: '<YourOwncloudURI>/remote.php/webdav/'
          pathPrefix: '/remote.php/webdav'
          userName: '<userName>'
          password: '<password>'
          authType: 1
          sourcePath: '<pathToTheFolder>'

Dropbox Source

Syncs files from Dropbox. You need to create an application to retreive the app key on https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps.

Implementation DL\AssetSync\Source\LeagueFlysystem\DropboxSource
Required Package league/flysystem-dropbox

Configuration Example for Dropbox:

  sourceClass: DL\AssetSync\Source\LeagueFlysystem\DropboxSource
    sourcePath: '<pathToTheFolder>'
    accessToken: <accessToken>
    appSecret: <appSecret>