Unsplash Asset Source for Neos CMS - https://www.unsplash.com/

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Unsplash Asset Source


Install the package via composer

composer require dl/assetsource-unsplash

How to use it

  1. Read the Unsplash API guidelines carefully!
  2. Register on https://unsplash.com/developers and get your API key.
  3. Configure the API key in the settings

Please take care of the correct attribution of used photos in the frontend.

Media Browser view


Since Neos 4.2 a copyright notice is automatically generated and stored with the asset. The copyright notice template can be adjusted using the copyRightNoticeTemplate configuration value.

The following data can be used:

  • user.id
  • user.updated_at
  • user.username
  • user.name
  • user.first_name
  • user.last_name
  • user.twitter_username
  • user.portfolio_url
  • user.bio
  • user.location
  • user.links
  • user.profile_image
  • user.instagram_username
  • user.total_collections
  • user.total_likes
  • user.total_photos
  • user.accepted_tos