Transform words to numbers

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This PHP package allows you convert numbers written in words to integers


You can install the package via composer:

composer require djunehor/word-to-number


use Djunehor\Number\WordToNumber;

$wordToNumber = new WordToNumber();
$wordTransformer = $wordToNumber->getWordTransformer();
// you can specify locale via: $wordToNumber->getWordTransformer('en');
$number = $wordTransformer->toNumber($word);

Via Helper

$number = word_to_number($word);
//default locale is en

$number = word_to_number($word, 'yo');
// specify Yoruba locale

Available Locales

Language Code Test
English en Yes

Adding New Locale

  • In Locales directory, create YourLocaleTransformer class that implements WordTransformer
  • Ensure there's a toNumber() method that accepts string and returns int
  • Add YourLocaleTransformer::class to $wordTransformers array in WordToNumber
  • Ensure the class pass tests
  • Update the Readme Available Locales section with your newly added locale
  • Create a Pull Request