Laravel package to fetch from the Holy Bible

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Laravel Bible helps you fetch from the Holy Bible


You can install the package via composer:

composer require djunehor/laravel-bible

Laravel 5.5 and above

The package will automatically register itself, so you can start using it immediately.

Laravel 5.4 and older

In Laravel version 5.4 and older, you have to add the service provider in config/app.php file manually:

'providers' => [
    // ...


After installing the package, you will have to register it in bootstrap/app.php file manually:

// Register Service Providers
    // ...


use Djunehor\Logos\Bible;

$bible = new Bible();

Get the Book of John

$john = $bible->getBook();

Get All Verses in Matthew Chapter 3

$verses = $bible->getChapter();

Get the Book of Mark, Chapter 3, Verse 12

$verse = $bible->getVerse();

Using shortcut

// get Genesis 22:6
$verse = $bible->get('Genesis 22:6');


// Bible Class accepts 2 parameters: $lang and $version
$lang = 'en';

$bible = new Bible('en'); // use English version
$bible = new Bible('en', 'kjv'); // use English KJV bible

Using Facade

In order to use the Bible facade:

  • First add 'Bible' => Djunehor\Logos\Facades\BibleFacade::class, to aliases in config/app.php
  • Then use like Bible::get('John 3:16');

Using Helper

The package ships with a bible() method

bible('John 3:16');

Dynamically setting language and/or version

$bible = new Bible(); // lang is set to "en", and version is set to "kjv" by default;
$bible->lang('yo'); // Set language as Yoruba
$bible->version('amp'); // Set version to Amplified Version

Currently Supported Languages and Versions

Language Code Versions
English en kjv

Add new language and bible version

Simply follow the structure of the bibles/en folder


  • Fork this project
  • Clone to your repo
  • Make your changes and run tests composer test
  • Push and create a pull request


  • The KJV English bible JSON file was sourced from here