Mozaic puzzle for symfony, can also be use in glynn-admin-symfony

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Mozaic bundle, a puzzle for symfony projects using vue.

This bundle can be used by glynn-admin-symfony4. This has a basic symfony setup, and adds a frontend using webpack encore. In this frond end i have a basic setup using vuejs to manage the clients side setup. This bundle also uses vuejs. It can be used standalone, but if you need inspiration to set up a frontend you can check it there.



(optional) Install glynn-admin-symfony4

Add bundle

This bundle uses a recipe. To enable recipes for this bundle you may need to enable in your symfony 3.4 / 4. application using:

composer config extra.symfony.allow-contrib true

Next, install the bundle

composer req disjfa/mozaic-bundle


Setup the UNSPLASH_APPLICATION_ID and UNSPLASH_APPLICATION_SECRET in your .env file. See the api unsplash api on details how to get these.

Load vue component in your javascript.

As said, this bundle uses vue to render the puzzle. You can check out glynn-admin-symfony4 for an example on how to set things up using webpack encore and vue. Or you can just add this component to your own build. For details on vue, check out the documentation and components.

import Mozaic from './../../../vendor/disjfa/mozaic-bundle/Resources/public/mozaic';

new Vue({
  el: '#base',

  components: {


And next, build and checkout the puzzle.

sf server:start

And go to your url http://localhost:8000/mozaic/daily

Don't forget to have fun

Did i mention you are a lovely person, now enjoy! Have fun, play and finish a puzzle! Also, don't forget to tell me if you enjoy the puzzle.


If you have a legacy symfony project (< 3.4), you can still add the bundle. You can setup the bundle using these configurations.

Add the following to your config.yml

  disjfa_mozaic.unsplash.application_id: ''
  disjfa_mozaic.unsplash.secret: ''

And add the routes to the routes.yml

    resource: '@DisjfaMozaicBundle/Controller/'
    type:     annotation